DemeMASK Level 3 ASTM Surgical Mask (FDA -510K)



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As the demand for high quality PPE materials is at an ALL TIME HIGH, Corona Recovery Funds has solidified itself as an Authorized Distributor of the, MADE IN THE USA, Demetech Level 3 ASTM Surgical Mask.

FDA CLEARED 510(k) – K201479

DemeTECH’s Surgical Face mask is FDA Cleared, Manufactured using the Highest Quality of American-Made Materials, and 100% Manufactured in The United States.  The DemeTECH Surgical Mask is rated ASTM Level 3, this mask provides the highest level of protection.

Technical Characteristics: 

Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood, measured in mm Hg  160mm Hg
Differential pressure,  mm H20/cm2 (Breathability) <5.0
Bacterial  filtration efficiency ≥98%
Sub-micron particulates  filtration efficient at 0.1 micron ≥98%
Flame spread Class 1

Shipping & Availability

  • 100% Manufactured in Miami, Florida, United States
  • Ships from Miami, Florida
  • Allow 1-3 days for order processing

Terms & Refunds

  • At this time, due to Covid-19, we are not accepting refunds or returns